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Command objdump

Objdump disassembles executable files.


go tool objdump [-s symregexp] binary

Objdump prints a disassembly of all text symbols (code) in the binary. If the -s option is present, objdump only disassembles symbols with names matching the regular expression.

Alternate usage:

go tool objdump binary start end

In this mode, objdump disassembles the binary starting at the start address and stopping at the end address. The start and end addresses are program counters written in hexadecimal with optional leading 0x prefix. In this mode, objdump prints a sequence of stanzas of the form:

 address: assembly
 address: assembly

Each stanza gives the disassembly for a contiguous range of addresses all mapped to the same original source file and line number. This mode is intended for use by pprof.